Access control


The Catalyst Cloud allows you to invite more people to join your project and define the actions they can perform using roles.

Project Users

The project users panel can be found under Dashboard Management Project Users. It allows you to invite people to join your projects, modify their roles, or remove access from existing users.


The Project Users panel is only visible to users with the “Project Admin” or “Project Moderator” role. The “Project Admin” role is given to the person that signed up for the account.

The project users panel allows project admins and moderators to perform administrative functions. Users can be added, removed or updated from here. If updating a user who is currently logged in to the Dashboard, that user will be automatically required to re-authenticate. If updating one’s own roles, these will take effect on the next log in.


Below is a description of the roles available on the Catalyst Cloud and the actions they are allowed to perform.

Compute Start/Stop

The “Compute Start/Stop” role allows users to start, stop, hard reboot and soft reboot compute instances. Other, more destructive or creative actions will fail. This role is implied when a user also has “Project Member”.

Heat Stack Owner

The “Heat Stack Owner” role allows users access to the Heat Cloud Orchestration Service. Users who attempt to use Heat when they do not have this role will receive an error stating they are missing the required role. This role is required for interacting with the Cloud Orchestration Service, regardless of other roles.

For more information on this service, please consult the documentation at Cloud orchestration.

Object Storage

The “Object Storage” role allows users to create, update and delete containers, and objects within those containers. Creative and destructive actions related to compute, network and block storage will fail. This role is implied when a user also has “Project Member”.

Project Admin

The “Project Admin” role allows users to have full control over your project, including adding moderators and inviting other people to join it. The role remains largely administrative until a role such as “Project Member” is also assigned.

Project Member

The “Project Member” role gives people access to all services on your project, but does not allow them to invite other people to join the project or update roles.

Project Moderator

The “Project Moderator” role can invite other people to join your project and update their roles, but cannot change the project admin. The role is essentially an administrative one until a role such as “Project Member” is also assigned.