What is a project?ΒΆ

Openstack provides an isolated and multi-tenanted approach to creating user workspaces. These workspaces are typically referred to as projects but for historical reasons you may also see them referred to as tenants or tenancies.

When you sign up to the Catalyst Cloud a project is created for you. This process creates you a workspace within the cloud that is isolated, by default, from every other project. It comes with an initial quota that sets a limit on the amount of cloud resources that you can initially consume. This can be expanded if needs require.

The person that raised the cloud sign-up request gets added as the default Project Administrator and as such has the ability to invite and remove users as they desire via the Access Control page under the Management tab in the dashboard.

Your project has 2 important values associated with it, these are the project name and the project id. The project name is typically a company name or an individual’s name (as applicable). The project key is an auto-generated unique 33 character string.

To find out how to view your project details refer to: How do I find my project ID or name?.

While projects are inherently secure, it is considered best practice to use multiple projects where practical to do so. For example, it is sensible and practical to separate production workloads from development and testing environments, if only to help mitigate the possibility of human error impacting your business.