Cloud regions

The Catalyst Cloud is hosted in multiple regions, each in a different geographical location. Regions are data centres that are completely independent and isolated from each other, providing fault tolerance and geographic diversity.

All our data centres have backup diesel generators, UPS, N+1 process coolers and diverse fibre paths for network connectivity.

Code Name PCI DSS certified? ISO 27001 certified?
nz-por-1 NZ Porirua 1 Yes In progress
nz_wlg_2 NZ Wellington 2 Compliant In progress
nz-hlz-1 NZ Hamilton 1 Yes Yes

We encourage customers to use Porirua for their primary region in New Zealand as it currently has the greatest capacity of all our sites.

The connectivity between compute instances hosted on different regions takes place over either our wide area network or the Internet when allowed by your security groups and network configuration.

With the exception of object storage, resources are not replicated automatically across regions unless you do so. This provides customers the flexibility to introduce replication where required and to fail-over resources independently when needed.

Physical infrastructure

Access control

All our data centres have comprehensive access control systems with multiple perimeters. There are security cameras covering all entrances and the server room.

Power, cooling and fire supression

All our data centres have guaranteed power which is provided by UPSes and diesel generators. The diesel generators will start automatically in the event of a mains power failure. Our Porirua and Hamilton regions have redundancy for the power infrastructure.

They all have N+1 or better cooling systems and have gas flood fire suppression systems.

External network

Each region is connected by our wide area network (WAN). Our WAN is built so that each region has multiple fibres which take diverse paths from a number of fibre providers to other regions. We have multiple Internet Service Providers to provide diversity and resiliency for our Internet connections.

Changing regions

Via the dashboard

The web dashboard has a region selector dropbox on the top bar. It indicates the current region you are connected to and allows you to easily switch between regions.

Via the command line tools

The command line tools pick up the region from the $OS_REGION_NAME environment variable. To define the variable:

export OS_REGION_NAME="region-code"

Alternatively you can use the --os-region-name option to specify the region on each call.

Via the APIs

The API request you use to authenticate with the Catalyst Cloud allows you to scope a token on a given region. The token can then be used to interact with the API endpoints of the other services hosted in the same region.