Resizing an instance


The resize operation can be used to change the flavor (increase or decrease the amount of CPU and RAM) of a compute instance.


The resize operation causes a brief downtime of the compute instance, as the guest operating system will be restarted to pick up the new configuration. If you need to scale your application without downtime, consider scaling it horizontally (add/remove compute instances) as opposed to vertically (add/remove resources to an existing instance).

To resize a compute instance, go to the Instances panel on the dashboard and locate the instance to be resized. On the Actions column, click on the downward arrow to list more actions and then click on Resize Instance as shown below:


The resize dialogue will pop up, allowing you to chose a new flavor.



Before resizing down a compute instance, please consider if you need to change the configuration of your applications, so they can start up with less resources. For example: databases and Java virtual machines are often configured to allocate a certain amount of memory and will fail to start if not enough memory is available.

The status of the instance will change to preparing to resize or migrate, resized or migrated and finally “Confirm or Revert Resize/Migrate” as shown below:


Once the resize operation has been completed, our cloud will prompt you to confirm or revert the resize operation. Click on confirm to finish the resize operation.