Resource cleanup using the command lineΒΆ

At this point you may want to clean up the OpenStack resources that have been created. Running the following commands should remove all networks, routers, ports, security groups and instances. These commands will work regardless of the method you used to create the resources. Note that the order in which you delete resources is important.


The following commands will delete all the resources you have created including networks and routers. Do not run these commands unless you wish to delete all these resources.

# delete the instances
$ openstack server delete first-instance

# delete router interface
$ openstack router remove port border-router $( openstack port list -f value -c ID --router border-router )

# delete router
$ openstack router delete border-router

# delete network
$ openstack network delete private-net

# delete security group
$ openstack security group delete first-instance-sg

# delete ssh key
$ openstack keypair delete first-instance-key