Additional information

This section is to inform you on other information that we deem important but does not fall under the categories of services, access or administration.


The Catalyst Cloud provides customers with a quota mechanism to protect them from accidentally launching too many resources. This helps prevent unexpected and significant costs being invoiced to our customers. In fact, every cloud provider has a similar mechanism, but most do not expose this information to their customers.

We allow customers to see their current per region quota on the overview page of the dashboard. Quotas are a soft cap that can be changed at any time according to your needs. A quota change may be requested via the Quota Management panel.

Catalyst may give you a call if you are about to exceed your quota and ask you whether you would like us to pro-actively increase the quota for you.


Catalyst Cloud uses natural names for its services. For example, we call our compute service “compute”, instead of Nova or EC2.

If you have previous cloud computing or OpenStack experience, the table below describes how our services map back to OpenStack code-names and other cloud providers.

Service OpenStack Amazon AWS
Identity and Access Control Keystone IAM
Compute Nova EC2
Network Neutron VPC
Block Storage Cinder EBS
Object Storage Swift S3
Load Balancer Octavia ELB
Orchestration Heat Cloud Formation
Telemetry Ceilometer Cloud Watch
Billing Distil  
Registration StackTask  

Please note that functionality between cloud providers differs. The table above is only intended to map the broader domain space of each cloud service, as opposed to specific features.