Managing your Catalyst Cloud account

Quota management

Catalyst provides the ability to manage your own project resource quotas on a per region basis.

The Current Quotas block provides a view of the current quota limits that are applied to each region in the current project. It also shows the available Pre-approved Quota Sizes that can be selected and the actions that can be taken for the quota in each region.


By clicking on the View Size action on the Quota Sizes table it is possible to see a breakdown of the limits for each resource within that quota band.


Finally the Previous Quota Changes gives a historical view of any quota adjustments that have been made within the current project.


Updating a quota

To change the current quota limit for a given region, click on the Update Quota action, the following form will be displayed


Select the new quota value and click submit


If your requested change does not fall into the - category the Previous Quota Changes area will display a message showing the current state of your request.


For pre-approved and accepted changes the display will update to show the new Current Quota Size next to the appropriate region and the Previous Quota Changes will


Pre-approved vs requires approval

Pre-approved changes do not require any intervention from Catalyst to be actioned and include any changes that would be a step down in quota size or any single step up to the next size tier.

Pre-approved sizes changes can be made as follows:

  • for a decrease in quota size, no approval is necessary and this can be done multiple times in the current 30 day time period.

  • for an increase in quota size, one pre-approved change can be made within the current 30 day time period. All subsequent increases, regardless of whether they would normally be pre-approved, will require approval from the Catalyst Cloud team.


Quota limits do not apply to object storage usage at this time.

Access control

Please see the Identity and access management section of the documentation for information regarding access control.