Access to the Catalyst Cloud

As an additional security measure, the Catalyst Cloud APIs only accept requests from whitelisted IP addresses. If you have provided an IP address during sign up, you should be able to reach the APIs from that IP. Otherwise, you can open a support request via the dashboard at any time to request a change to the white-listed IPs.

The cloud dashboard is publicly available on the Internet and can be reached at: This allows you to access the APIs while you’re operating from a non-whitelisted IP address.

All compute instances on the Catalyst Cloud have whitelisted IP addresses by default. Because compute instances are whitelisted, you can use them as a “jumpbox” by creating an instance using the cloud dashboard, SSH-ing into the instance, and installing and configuring the CLI tools there. An explanation of launching an instance using the web dashboard can be found here.

The compute instances you launch on the Catalyst Cloud are created in your private network by default. You have the option to associate a floating IP (public IP) with your compute instances to expose them to the Internet. You can use security groups (similar to firewalls) to define who has access to your compute instances, as explained in Security groups.