Adding a network

By default all new Catalyst Cloud projects in the Porirua region (nz-por-1) are created with a router and network. If you have removed this, or simply wish to create additional networks, then the following guide will show you the steps required to achieve this.

Creating the required network elements

We need to create a router and network/subnet.

Navigate to the “Routers” section and click “Create Router”:


Name the router “border-router”, select admin state “UP” and select “public-net” as the external network:


Navigate to the “Networks” section and click “Create Network”:


Name your network “private-net”, select create subnet and click “Next”:


Name your subnet “private-subnet”, choose an address for your subnet in CIDR notation and click “Next”:


The Subnet Details page is normally, by default, empty. This example sets additional attributes for the subnet including:

  • enabling DHCP
  • defining a DHCP ip address allocation pool
  • specifying the DNS Name Servers for the required region

Click on the router name in the router list:


Select the “Interfaces” tab and click “+Add Interface”:


Select the correct subnet:


You should now have a network topology that looks like this: