Public networks

Catalyst operates a public network in each region. These public networks provide you with connectivity to the Internet and allow you to allocate floating IPs (public IPs that can be associated to your compute instances) from a pool managed by Catalyst.

Our public networks are listed on the table below:

Region ID
nz-por-1 849ab1e9-7ac5-4618-8801-e6176fbbcf30
nz_wlg_2 e0ba6b88-5360-492c-9c3d-119948356fd3
nz-hlz-1 f10ad6de-a26d-4c29-8c64-2a7418d47f8f

DNS servers

Catalyst operates a number of recursive DNS servers in each cloud region for use by Catalyst Cloud instances, free of charge. They are:

Region DNS Servers