Application programming interfaces (APIs)

The Catalyst Cloud follows the “API first” design principle. Every service we implement on the Catalyst Cloud is first made available via an API, then the command line interface (CLI) and finally the dashboard. As a result, it often takes three to six months for a new feature or service to reach the dashboard.

API reference

The OpenStack API reference can be found at:


The OpenStack API complete reference guide covers versions of the APIs that are current, experimental and deprecated. Please make sure you are referring to the correct version of the API.

API endpoints

Once authenticated and operating from a whitelisted IP address, you can obtain the service catalogue and the list of API endpoints on the current region from the identity service.

From the dashboard, you can find the endpoints under Access and Security, API endpoints.

From the command line tools, you can run openstack catalog list to list the services and API endpoints of the current region.